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Friday, January 24, 2014

Shopping for Fall Colors

In my opinion it's always the right time to shop for yarn!  Something about all those soft, squishy skeins lined up in a rainbow of color gets me every time.  Because most of my shows and markets are in the later months of the year, now is the time to prepare my inventory and bulk up on my commercial yarn knits. 

I have chosen to continue four of my best selling pieces with only a bit of design tweeking here and there.
Gathered Cowl
5 Button

Wrap & Button

Now for the fun part!  I need to decide what colors to use for which designs, and I need to limit those color selections for each.

This year I have discovered a brand new source for great quality yarn.  The color palate available is amazing, with nice neutrals as well as trendy fashion shades and rustic tweeds.

I've done my homework and have studied the previews and forecasts of 2014 fall fashion colors.
Neutrals - grey, tan, cream and taupe as well as black are on the agenda as always.  Rich jewel tones, darker shades of spring and summer hues are in the forefront with cobalt and teal in the lead. 
So, I have pretty much narrowed it down to, well... a ton of colors!

Trying to match the styles with the most
complimentary colors was not an easy task, but it's finished.  The order is complete.

However my lips are sealed!  You will have to be patient for now while I knit away.  Maybe there will be a sneak peek in store for you somewhere along the line.  I just know you won't be disappointed.

Best Wishes,

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