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Monday, January 6, 2014

Creative Space - A Studio Tour

An artist of any kind must have space.  Space to think, space to create and sometimes, space to make a mess.  Jewelry making requires very little space but fiber art - that's another story.

Come along with me now for a little tour of my Stone and Fiber studio...

First stop - my jewelry workbench where the "stone" part of Stone and Fiber comes to life.  This space is actually a closet in my fiber studio fitted with shelves, storage organizers and good lighting.  Pretty convenient don't you think?  I just open the doors, pull up a chair and create!  It's also nice to be able to stop mid-project , close the doors and know that my work will be left undisturbed until the next session. 

My stones and supplies are organized in clear containers by color and metal type. Strands and larger quantities are kept together in larger bins and individual one of a kind stones are in the smaller ones.  This makes it easier to find just the right pieces without sorting through everything.  In the next week or so I will be taking a year end inventory.  I look forward to this process because it's a real refresher as to what I have on hand.  I almost always discover beautiful stones I'd forgotten about. Sorting through all this booty is a great time of inspiration for me too!  My wheels start turning with new design ideas and I do a lot of sketching.

Next let's take a look at the fiber area of my studio.  In the corner here you can see my beautiful maple Kromski Spinning Wheel.  It was a surprise Christmas gift from my man several years ago.  It's a traditional style wheel with a single treadle and light weight enough to take to shows for demos. To the right of my chair are two clean fleeces waiting to be prepped and behind are finished dry skeins.

If I'm not spinning or knitting, I'm washing, dyeing or prepping fiber.  The piece of equipment you see on the table is a drum carder.  It combs and organizes the clean fiber into a fluffy mat called a batt.  These can be rolled and stored for future spinning.  Under the table you see some batts, along with bunches of dyed fiber waiting for a turn on the carder.

As you can see I have plenty of natural light here.  This is also the place where I photograph my work for juried show submissions and for my Etsy shop listings.  I really love spending time here.  It's small and cozy and quiet.

Thanks for coming with me!  Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my world of stone and fiber.

Best Wishes,

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