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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stuff for me

I spend so much of my free time working on creating for my Etsy shop and promoting it, that I have gotten away from creating for myself. The lace knitting class I took at Rhinebeck was just for me. I purchased a few skeins of creamy white shetland dk weight yarn there and am working it into my first lace project - a winter scarf for me!

I also need to get back up on Ravelry and update my stash and projects. I was pretty bad with the digital camera then and I'm almost afraid to look at the photos I've posted there. Many of my pre-Etsy Stone and Fiber projects will have to be finished and passed on to my daughter, as I was a bit thinner eighteen months ago and yarn will only stretch so far!

Either way I need to find a better balance. I absolutely love having my own business, but the amount of time I need to spend on the laptop is sucking the life out of me. Good thing I don't Tweet and gave up Farmville!

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